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Monster Truck Action

Mr 4 likes playing with his Monster Truck toy collection.  He has:

  • Grave Digger
  • Higher Education
  • Illuminator
  • Hurricane Force
  • King Crusher

DSC01408 DSC01409For the last few months every night before falling to sleep, Mr 4 has them climbing, jumping and flying over the bed and around the room.  Now call me naive, but I thought these Monster trucks were just that … toys.

Apparently not, Mr 4 has now discovered there is a whole collection of Monster Truck YouTube videos out there including specific footage of Grave Digger and Higher Education amongst others.

It is quite a sight as he watches these videos with his animated ‘ooohhs’ and ‘aarrhhs’ as they jump over cars with the dust and noise and screams of fans.

It is practically guaranteed that the next thing he will ask Santa for will be a 12 volt ride-on Monster Truck to frighten the fish in the backyard.

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